I Was Much Less Understanding Then

poetry written by myself.

-you wreak of divinity 
-I’m sorry

-you wreak of divinity
-I’m sorry

save it for a campfire
a ghost?


My lips ache for your skin
My arms itch with emptiness
The absence of you
My eyes crave their fill of your form
My right hand longs to trace the road map of your veins
But requires no GPS
For it wishes to get lost
But will occasionally request that your left hand
Guide it through the scenic route
Exit signs will show the way
To distractions
I see a sign directing
To a waterfall, flowing
Over your shoulders
How I long to dive into it
And drown

and demons

and demons

Wanted: Magi

She says that I help her
But is only getting worse
And there is nothing I can do
For I never did learn how
To lift a curse


I love you more than food and drink
I need you more than air
You are more essential to my being
Than the beating in my chest

Lesson Number…How Many Does This Make?

I am not a placeholder 
But I held hers 
Your marrow tricked me 
Oh, what could be worse? 
You dragged my heart along 
Left me* in the dirt 
*The penny 
For your diamond 
Oh nothing is worse